BrandHub: A Healthcare Brand Management Solution

BrandHub was created to be an affordable healthcare brand management system focused on improving operational efficiencies and achieving brand consistency. The system allows you to store, organize, control, create and distribute all your branded content (logos, collateral, imagery, video, guidelines) in an efficient and intuitive way. Its functionality, site structure, user interface and keywords are specific to the needs of the healthcare market.

In an environment where Marketing is consistently being asked to do more with less, BrandHub provides a means by which to foster brand compliance while saving both time and money. It has been shown that designers spend up to 40% of their time searching for content, version control is inefficient, and that creating and customizing even basic collateral pieces often requires designer or agency time and cost. BrandHub provides everything a typical user needs to address these issues, for a fraction of the cost of other brand management systems. It is efficient to introduce into your organization, and offers a branded environment designed for simplicity and an intuitive user experience.

BrandHub is built on a leading, enterprise level brand management platform, that is currently being used on a global basis by leading corporations including Ford, Ebay, Adidas and Cirque de Soliel. BrandHub's core system provides:

  • An easy to search centralized online library for all digital marketing content
  • A knowledge center for brand guidelines and application standards
  • Control over all content at the user level for internal/external stakeholders
  • A branded and engaging interface designed to match your online look and feel and foster user adoption and on-going engagement