BrandHub: Powerful and 
affordable brand management.

Do more with less. That’s the constant challenge facing marketing teams today.

BrandHub is an affordable system for brand management that empowers marketing teams to efficiently centralize operations, reduce costs, reduce time to market, and achieve greater brand consistency.

How does it work? BrandHub lets you easily and intuitively store, organize, control, edit and distribute all of your branded content—including logos, collateral, imagery, video, templates, and guidelines. Additionally, to free up design resources and ensure brand compliance, you can create and customize collateral and other materials through interactive templates. BrandHub’s functionality, structure, and user interface were tailored to be intuitive and foster quick user adoption, putting you in control of managing the system and thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.

The bottom-line benefit: BrandHub drives brand compliance while saving both time and money.

Experience—and industry research—tells  us that there are great gains to be made  in efficiency. Why?

  • Significant time and cost is spent simply trying to find the right assets to work with (up to 40% of a designer’s time)
  • Rework is far too frequent and highly inefficient
  • Creating and customizing even basic collateral is costly, time consuming, and slows time to market
  • Brand education within the organization is paramount in the consumer-facing world we live in
  • Workflow automation and control drives multiples in ROI for systemization within months—not years—of implementation

BrandHub lets you address all of these issues—at a fraction of the cost of other brand management systems. With a branded user environment designed for simplicity and an intuitive experience, BrandHub is easy to introduce into your organization.

Built on a proven platform.

BrandHub is built on a leading, enterprise-level brand and digital asset management platform that is currently used across global corporations including Ford, eBay, Adidas, and Cirque du Soleil.

BrandHub’s core system delivers:

  • An easy-to-search centralized online library for all digital marketing content
  • knowledge center for brand guidelines, application standards, vendor processes, and more
  • content management system (CMS) and administrator control to reduce the cost of ownership
  • Analytics for monitoring system usage, user activity, and ROI

Additional BrandHub functionality includes:

  • An artwork automation module for quickly creating on-brand collateral and other materials
  • Workflow automation for time-efficiency, control, and improved turnaround time
  • Print fulfillment, enabling users to connect with your print shop at the click of a button
  • Activity Task Management for streamlined project and campaign management
  • Online collaboration for streamlined management of the creative review process “from brief to completion”