Lessons from rebranding a berkshire hathaway consumer business

Lessons from rebranding a berkshire hathaway consumer business


Wednesday, September 24, 2014 | James Burn

Marketing executives charged with managing a company-wide brand transition know that the journey from project start to new brand launch can feel like a roller coaster ride. Corporate rebranding is a risky venture because it impacts a company’s reputation, its brand value, its employees and customers, and more.

In a recent article I co-authored for Bloomberg Businessweek, we discuss a unique rebranding situation where retention and revenue goals were a key success metric for the new brand rollout. In this acquisition scenario, real estate affiliates who belonged to the Prudential real estate network were free to join the newly branded organization (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices) or remain under the Prudential real estate brand until the end of their contracts and then go elsewhere. In essence, a well-executed new brand rollout would help us achieve these retention and revenue goals, and a poorly executed rollout could alienate affiliates.

Balancing speed with deliberation is an art and a science, and we knew that getting on the right track required proactive planning to involve stakeholders early in the process. Read the story here.

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