and Prepare

Once you choose an implementation scenario, we develop a rigorous and precise plan for brand asset conversion.

We refine the cost estimates and timelines and create comprehensive project plans that outline the priorities for each branded asset category. This includes formulating vendor strategies and establishing technical specifications and formats. Our detailed RFPs allow apples-to-apples comparisons, making it easier to choose the vendors that will save you time and money. We also prepare in-depth project communications plans, escalation protocols and risk-mitigation strategies to streamline your rollout.

We help you ascertain which personnel in your organization should play active roles in the rebrand activities and create a project structure that organizes your team for success. This is a critical part of preparing for a rebrand, especially when it must be applied in many locations around the world, including field offices and remote outposts.

In addition, we develop the tools and reports that provide you with status summaries at a glance. Customized dashboards organize relevant information into clear and concise updates and progress reports, reflecting your company’s priorities and providing just-in-time information and reporting when and how you need it. All of this systemized and structured data enables you to present a detailed, high-level rebrand implementation plan to senior management with confidence and gain their full backing and support.

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We relied on BrandActive to ask the right questions, set realistic expectations and develop a plan of action that would be implemented thoughtfully and effectively. And they delivered.