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With our proven record and global experience in mobilizing the proper resources and providing strategic insight, we’ll ensure your rebrand implementation work is completed on time and on budget.

At this stage, you need to put all of your rebranding implementation plans in motion. The challenge is to simplify the process for the project sponsor, ensuring efficiency and maintaining control across different divisions, departments and geographic locations.

Legal requirements associated with name changes vary across the globe and is often one of the biggest challenges in managing a rebrand implementation. In conjunction with your legal team we can help you determine what is applicable, required, recommended and/or optional for your legal entity and/or DBA. These decisions consider corporate documentation, tax regulations and governmental licenses, any ongoing litigation and all the details within each branded asset. Legal requirements may affect the conversion of such branded assets as signage and forms, fleet and product packaging, and digital collateral and trademarks.

Maintaining brand integrity in application is another key component of a successful transition to your new brand. We focus on quality and consistency so that none of the complex and multifaceted details of your rebrand implementation slip through the cracks. We utilize technology to support quality control, using 3D printers to create prototypes, and provide you with a better appreciation of what you are approving in advance of production. This lets you deliver the ROI senior management expects while keeping your other strategic priorities on track.

We understand that you need up-to-the minute information. Click on your customized dynamic dashboard, and you’ll be able to monitor progress against KPIs, immediately flag risks and pull management reports on the fly. In addition, we can provide a help desk to answer any questions and provide brand training for employees and vendors.

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During our rebranding process, BrandActive quickly became a trusted partner and did a great job managing all of the moving parts. They didn’t miss a detail and knew exactly what we needed to transition efficiently and successfully.

The University of Vermont Health Network