The mechanics of brand change

The mechanics of brand change


Philip Guiliano

When major change happens in any organization, there is usually a period of uncertainty that follows. Change occurs for a reason, but with change comes both foreseeable and unforeseeable consequences with positive and negative implications. While organizations undergoing change may be focused on how to maintain the positives of the brand name and culture while incorporating the change, it is the substantive nuts and bolts work that will really drive whether or not your change will be successful.

That’s where BrandActive enters the picture. BrandActive is a branding transition firm that makes sure that your organization’s brand change is successful by creating budgets, implementing project plans, and organizing and prioritizing what needs to be done in order to get your newly improved organization running at full strength. Our team of brand consultants includes experts in all subject matters who know what it takes to make sure that your brand maintains and exceeds expectations going forward.

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