The University of Vermont Health Network Brand Unification Signals New Era of Network Collaboration

The University of Vermont Health Network

The Situation

In 2013, the parent company of a four-hospital partnership changed its name from Fletcher Allen Partners to The University of Vermont Health Network (UVMHN). The reasons were two-fold: First, the new name would reflect the network’s decades-old connection to The University of Vermont College of Medicine and its College of Nursing and Health Sciences — something the previous name failed to do. Second, the hospitals and clinics in the network had no unifying identity.

The Challenge

New signage needed to be designed and implemented at each location to make people in the region aware of the high level of quality care and coordinated service available to them across the network. The University of Vermont Health Network engaged BrandActive to partner with them in bringing the rebranding strategy to life across its entire system. The goal was to develop and implement a plan that would achieve the organization’s branding objectives in an effective and efficient manner.

The Solution

The BrandActive design team created designs that would convey UVM Health Network’s core brand attributes: innovation, expertise, quality, authenticity, caring and heritage. The team also knew that local sourcing for materials and installation would be noticed and appreciated by the community.

While our design team explored materials, shapes and forms that would express the new identity, BrandActive kicked off detailed planning sessions that would lay the foundation for effective implementation. Efforts to scope and assess, plan and prepare, and rollout and manage proceeded in high gear. We worked closely with UVM Health Network to gather detailed information on all branded assets, establish project plans — tasks, communications, risks, resources — define vendor strategies, create technical specifications for key assets, and drive the implementation to its scheduled launch through effective project management.

The Results

The clean look and feel of the final sign family leverages the positive brand associations of the University of Vermont identity, and is distinct to the UVM Health Network. With a granite base sourced from Berlin, Vermont, the sign subtly conveys trust, longevity and warmth. The new sign placement served as a landmark moment at each hospital.

While leveraging every opportunity to be cost effective, BrandActive helped The University of Vermont Health Network achieve its brand impact goals and objectives — to convey quality care and cutting-edge research associated with academic medical centers — in a manner consistent to its high standards of fiscal responsibility. In fact, BrandActive came well under the original budget, saving the client approximately 20%.

Lastly, BrandActive put identity management systems in place to efficiently support future network growth. . The network has now expanded to include The Alice Hyde Medical Center in northern New York and Porter Medical Center in Vermont and has worked with BrandActive to lead the rebranding efforts at both of those hospitals. At each hospital, the new brand signals a commitment by UVM Health Network to work seamlessly across its hospitals and clinics to deliver the same level of excellence, no matter where patients go within the network.

For the University of Vermont Health Network rebranding, we needed a partner we could work with to help design and implement a visual identity that would signal to the communities we serve that our network of hospitals have come together to bring the best of community and academic medicine together for our patients. BrandActive brought a significant amount of value and expertise to the process.

Director - Marketing and Brand Management, The University of Vermont Health Network
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