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DXC Technology

The Situation

Today’s DXC Technology is the result of the merger of Computer Science Corporation (CSC) with the enterprise services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. DXC launched as a colossus: a $26 billion IT services company with hundreds of locations worldwide. From the outset, the newly combined company applied an analytical approach to its rebrand journey.

The Challenge

Even before starting any brand work, company management wanted to understand its options and identify the full costs of rebranding. Once the company chose a direction, it faced a complex, mammoth undertaking on a skinny timetable. Management needed to plan and implement the conversion to the new brand across all physical and digital branded touchpoints. These included:

  • Producing and installing exterior and interior signage at key facilities in 59 countries;
  • Converting digital collateral; and
  • Ensuring that every employee received promotional items and literature as they launched Day One of their new company.

The Solution

After the merger announcement, management of the combined company faced a big question: What should they call themselves? They asked brand strategy and design powerhouse, Siegel+Gale, for an answer. S+G then turned to BrandActive to prepare a clear-eyed, dollar-and-cents perspective on how much it would cost to implement a new identity. There were four options on the table:

  1. Retain the CSC identity
  2. Refine CSC identity
  3. Combine the CSC and HPE names into a new name
  4. Create a new brand name

After learning the cost savings of remaining CSC did not outweigh the impact and benefits of a new brand, with the help of their branding and design agency, management gave the go-ahead for a new brand name and positioning. Soon after, DXC Technology was born.

DXC then retained BrandActive to help plan and convert key branded assets worldwide to the new identity. Of particular concern was signage—a high-dollar, high-impact touchpoint.  Acting as the single point of control worldwide, we planned and oversaw the planning and installation of exterior and interior signage at facilities in 59 countries across six regions. Additionally, we designed and managed the installation of interior and exterior signage in time for the grand opening of a brand-new flagship facility.

BrandActive also prepared DXC for the efficient transition of digital collateral—tracking down who owned what, where the content lived, and in which format. We provided an easy-access platform to house and organize all this information. Then, we worked with multiple team leads across multiple countries to gather data to support the rationalization of documents. We also collaborated with S+G to provide logistical support and budget management.

The BrandActive team brought technical expertise, top-level work quality, and professional organization to a complicated and broad-reaching program…You managed every aspect of rebranding, from initial brand identity, to detailed logo design, to administration of our global building sign replacement effort.

Program Manager, DXC Technology

The Results

Working together under shared principles of accuracy, efficiency, and sound fiscal management, DXC and BrandActive completed the project on-time and under-budget. We brought in the global signage program significantly under the authorized spend.

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