New rules: Healthcare partnerships and M&A in 2021 and the role marketers should play

While 2020 is a year of emotional and financial hardship for most healthcare systems, it’s also a year of rapid change, innovation, and new ways of thinking and serving. In a quest to grow, find profitability, and for many, to simply to stay viable – partnerships, JV’s, and M&A will again come to the forefront of business strategy. But there’s less certainty as to exactly how this will play out. Will M&A and joint ventures between like players surge in the months ahead, or will we see more rapid-fire tech and public-private partnerships executed in record time? Will fundamental metrics like market share, profitability, and brand value increasingly drive partnership decisions as healthcare system leaders seek to stem the transfer of wealth from providers to payers? And what are the best, most practical ways for marketing and brand executives to add value to partnership initiatives?

In this webinar we bring together executive advisors from the M&A, Communications, Brand, Healthcare System, and Marketing Operations disciplines to explore:

  • The current and future landscape of Partnerships and M&A, and what factors will lead to their success for the health system, partners, and patients
  • 3 ways brand and culture shape the success of partnerships—from market-facing value propositions to activating employee engagement and alignment and drawing focus to the patient experience
  • How marketing can influence and effectively implement new partnerships through 2021 and beyond while retaining the higher levels of public trust in healthcare generated during COVID
  • What brand and marketing teams and operations are doing to efficiently and cost-effectively integrate and service, while maximizing on the new wave of partnerships coming in 2021

Learn from the expert panel of:

  • Nate Kaufman, Kaufman & Associates
  • Donna Lee Ubertalli, VP Marketing and Brand, Dana-Farber
  • Jeff Gourdji, Partner, Prophet
  • Shannon Susko, Executive VP and Healthcare Lead, Edelman
  • Philip Guiliano, Partner, BrandActive (moderator)

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