When rebranding a company, the right name and visual identity are not enough. You also need great implementation services.

That’s where we come in.

We have planned and managed rebrand implementation for many of the world’s most valuable brands. Our proven methodologies and industry-leading analytics have been developed over two decades, enabling us to build best-in-class tools and rebrand processes to meet our clients’ needs. We take an overwhelming undertaking and turn it into an orderly and seamless transition.

We help you plan, analyze, strategize and execute with precision and confidence. We bring options to the table, helping you make sound financial and functional decisions and provide you with the information you need to set realistic expectations early in the process with respect to what it will cost to rebrand. And when all of that happens, you save time and money.

and Assess

Determine the scope of the required change, scenario plan and model the costs for various approaches for launch and rollout, and identify opportunities for cost reduction to enable fiscally responsible decision-making.

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and Prepare

Develop detailed implementation plans, formulate vendor strategies, mobilize tools and develop specifications to meet quality, time and budget objectives that ensure project success.

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and Manage

Mobilize and lead key workgroups, report on progress, monitor spend, manage vendors and provide strategic oversight, maintain momentum and quality, navigate issues and mitigate risks to ensure completion, on time and on budget.

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and Maintain

Complete all project documentation and set the foundation for brand management and governance initiatives in order to maintain brand integrity for the long term and control costs.

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To ensure maximum impact and consistent brand experience in today’s market environment, you need to create a vision for a resilient brand governance infrastructure.

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