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When you face brand change—whether it stems from a merger, acquisition or other strategic business decisions—the most important steps are the first ones that you take. You need to:

  • determine the smartest way to achieve your objectives
  • align expectations around what it’s going to take to succeed
  • identify opportunities for cost reduction
  • look for ways to optimize

Our experienced multi-disciplinary team brings implementation strategy, financial analysis and subject matter experts to the table, working closely with your internal resources to identify a range of quantified implementation scenarios based on key variables (scope, cost, time and quality). These options are evaluated against your commercial and operational priorities in order to develop a short list of viable options for launch and rollout, which align the rebrand implementation with other organizational priorities. This rigorous process provides you with the structure and analysis you need in order to confidently make an informed and fiscally responsible decision on how to proceed with your rebrand implementation.

Our proven methodologies and industry-specific databases, together with our data-gathering technology, Survey Manager Express (SME), enables scalable, expedient, accurate and thorough data collection. The information captured is compared to benchmarking data in our RAE – REBRAND ANALYTICS ENGINETM in order to validate costs. RAETM also allows our team to run and quantify multiple implementation scenarios, and thoroughly evaluate the full range of transition scenarios that best drive the achievement of your business objectives. RAETM provides the intelligence engine for our unique data-driven approach that facilitates smarter and more effective decision-making and sets the stage for substantial cost savings.

At the end of the Scope and Assess phase, you’ll be equipped to provide realistic expectations with respect to the key variables associated with the rebranding implementation to stakeholders both inside and outside your organization. You and your management team can select the rebrand implementation scenario that fits your financial, operational and branding objectives.

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In a complex operational environment with many customer touchpoints, the precision that BrandActive brought to the process was remarkable. Customers rely on us and flawless execution of the rebranding was critical to building awareness and maintaining trust.