BrandActive is the world’s leading expert in rebrand implementation and marketing and brand operations. We deliver results and drive change that saves you money, simplifies how you work, and amplifies marketing and brand impact.

For more than two decades BrandActive has partnered with Fortune 1000 companies, leading healthcare systems, and small and medium-sized businesses to optimize the implementation of rebranding programs of all sizes. We’ve been everywhere your brand lives and seen everything marketing touches across every area of your organization. So, we have unique insights into how to improve ROI. Whether you’re going through a one-time corporate rebrand or wanting to get the most out of the everyday management of your existing brand, we help you achieve more, spend less, and build a better brand.

How we ensure you optimize your rebrand implementation—related to mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, renaming, repositioning with corporate identity change, logo refresh, and/or brand architecture change:

  • M+A Preparedness – ensure you are ready to hit the ground running in the most efficient way possible and create the plan for an optimized marketing and brand organization going forward
  • Financial analysis – quantify options and answer those hard questions around what things cost, providing certainty in uncertain times
  • Strategy – equip you with launch, roll-out and asset conversion scenarios that achieve your objectives and align with commercial and fiscal realities
  • Planning – develop a plan that clearly outlines key milestones for launch, roll-out and complete conversion of all branded assets, and provide the reporting tools, templates and dashboards you need for your implementation to succeed
  • Logistics – give you the roadmap for how to make your brand change happen. From interdependencies to vendor strategies, we make sense of it all and stay right there with you to make sure you get to the finish line on time and on budget

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How we help you drive productivity and improve outcomes throughout your marketing and brand Operations – everyday

  • Opportunity Analysis – help you identify the gaps in your current brand operations and develop a roadmap to realize your optimized future state
  • Standardization, simplification, rationalization – unlock repeatable, sustainable improvements in how you create, manage and use your marketing and brand assets
  • Integrated program management – enhance the productivity of your team by tapping into specialized skills and short-term resources that deliver best-in-class internal and external marketing and brand programs
  • Process redesign and implementation – improve your brand operations moving forward by empowering your internal teams to deliver marketing and brand initiatives more effectively

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BrandActive makes your change happen.

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