10-Minute Roadmap Podcast | Managing brand operations and rebrand projects during disruption

As we all navigate these unprecedented times, we want to do our part to help. That is why we’ve developed this series of three podcasts to share timely information on how to navigate some of the business implications of this crisis.

How to recalibrate your rebranding initiative during disruption

Managing vendor and supply chain disruptions during times of uncertainty

Bringing greater efficiency to brand operations during disruption

Each of our 10-minute roadmap talks centers on how businesses can make smart short-term moves to recalibrate and protect the results of their rebranding efforts during disruption. Specifically, we will cover rebrands in process, internal marketing/brand initiatives and how to successfully manage vendor and supplier relationships throughout this period, and more. The podcast content is informed by our first-hand knowledge of how Fortune 1000 are navigating the new environment and the new best practices that are emerging.

The topic of our first podcast is “How to recalibrate your rebranding initiative during disruption“.

This podcast provides solutions for how to recalibrate your rebranding initiative with particular attention to the challenges faced by companies going through an M+A during these unprecedented times.

Philip Guiliano, a Partner at BrandActive, will share:

• The 3 most common recalibration strategies and how to figure out which is best for your situation
• Options to consider that will save you money and allow you to stay the course despite having fewer human and financial resources
• The most critical risks you need to prepare for and recommended mitigation responses

Listen to the first talk below, How to recalibrate your rebranding initiative during disruption.

COVID-19 has seriously disrupted branded asset supply chains. Whether you are in the midst of a rebrand or are planning one  for 2020 – or you are just trying to manage normal business operations – the vendor landscape has changed and it now presents roadblocks to meeting your goals. In this second episode of BrandActive’s “Ten-Minute Roadmap” podcast series, you’ll learn the short-term steps you need to take now to minimize the long-term impacts to your initiatives.

During “Managing vendor and supply chain disruptions during times of uncertainty”, Philip Guiliano of BrandActive will share insights based on our rebranding work with Fortune 1000 clients during this period. You’ll hear about:

  • Best practices in conducting a vendor/supply chain risk assessment
  • Short-term actions to take today to improve long-term results
  • 3 creative ways to address your branded asset transition requirements

Listen to the second talk below, Managing vendor and supply chain disruptions during times of uncertainty.

Uncertainty right now is forcing most marketing and brand executives to look hard how to be more effective and efficient – to “do more for less.” Many are taking the opportunity to turn their attention inward – to identify opportunities for improvement and put these into action right now so that they can weather this disrupted period and emerge even stronger on the other side for years to come. Some of our Fortune 1000 clients are taking the next couple of months to examine key factors in a quest to finds ways to improve outcomes where they can and lower the costs of brand operations overall.

In this episode, “Bringing greater efficiency to brand operations during disruption“, you’ll learn key actions to take now:

  • Examine all spending to quickly identify opportunities for smarter brand operations
  • Improve business outcomes by optimizing the efforts of employees and agencies
  • Fast-track three proven strategies—rationalization, automation, and simplification—to “find the money” for strategic initiatives now

Listen to the third talk below, Bringing greater efficiency to brand operations during disruption.