Rebrand implementation: what the details demand

Rebrand implementation: what the details demand



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According a recent study, organizations routinely spend 20 to 50 times the cost of brand development to fully implement and introduce their brand to the market. It’s no small task. Brand implementation firm BrandActive estimates that the scope of a typical financial services rebrand involves at least 600 individual branded assets in 24 asset categories. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

While the implementation phase could be the most complicated part of the rebranding process, it also offers great opportunities. Some of them your bank may not have even considered when it made the decision to rebrand.

Pay close attention to these key action items to spot the opportunities, get the details right and make the most of your rebrand.

Start the implementation process while the rebrand is in development

“Financial analyses and timelines should be developed in parallel with branding work,” says Philip Guiliano, partner at BrandActive. “You need to be able to answer the questions: What is this rebrand going to cost? What are the options? How long will it take?”

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