Survey Manager Express

Fast, accurate and thorough mobile data collection

When it’s time to update branding on assets such as signage and fleet vehicles, you can’t get started until you know the scale of the project. Exactly what needs to be redesigned or repainted, replaced or refurbished? How much will all this cost? To answer that question, you’ll need to collect precise data about the size, specifications, and locations of your branded assets.

And that can turn into a logistical nightmare. Your signage and vehicles come in many shapes and sizes. You have thousands of branded assets located all over the region—or maybe even all around the world.

Bring order, accuracy and efficiency to your inventory of branded assets using SME, the mobile data collection platform for rebranding implementation projects. Start with SME for easier information gathering and you’ll improve the entire rebranding process. SME helps ensure that your branded asset orders are more accurate and that installers have clear instructions. Rely on SME data to create real-time status reports on branded asset conversion.

SME enables a faster, more economical, and brand compliant rebranding process for project managers, field staff, vendors and installers.

Flexible and easy to use.

BrandActive will configure your company’s instance of SME to reflect your locations and the types of branded assets you use. Any team member you authorize can download and use SME on a mobile phone or tablet and contribute to the branded asset inventory.

Here’s how SME drives ease and cost savings:

  • Highly intuitive interface
  • Gathers information through forms and rich media including photos, videos, and audio
  • Automatically geocodes the location of each branded asset for use in purchasing and installation
  • Recognizes and groups like assets so you can achieve savings based on large-scale purchases
  • Fills in missing data for identical branded assets, saving time

Additional SME benefits include:

  • Integrates with BrandActive benchmarking and vendor databases
  • SME data pushed automatically to BrandActive reporting dashboards

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