A roadmap for rebranding an energy company

A roadmap for rebranding an energy company



Energy companies today contend with a fast-changing business environment. As they seek scale, diversification, and closer connections with customers, rebranding is often a lynchpin of their strategy. That’s why energy executives, especially those in marketing and communication roles, need to be sure they have an effective rebrand project plan.

When people say that implementing a rebrand at an energy company is complex, they are telling the truth. To start, you’ll need to navigate multiple stakeholders and a plethora of legal, regulatory, and union considerations and secure a large budget. Then, you’ll need figure how to change all touchpoints to the new brand—all while operating under time and budget pressure.

Learn what it takes to run a rebrand playbook at an energy company, whether your facing repositioning or an M&A today – or the possibility of either in the future. And be inspired by companies who have done it successfully.