Untapped potential: Study reveals how financial service firms need to evolve brand governance

Untapped potential: Study reveals how financial service firms need to evolve brand governance



Increasingly, executive leaders are talking up the need for operational brand governance to drive growth, efficiency, and improved financial results. Yet many organizations, especially more traditional financial services institutions with a B2B focus, don’t have a clear understanding of how to operationalize that insight to gain these benefits. To remedy that, BrandActive and Prescient teamed up with senior leaders at financial services institutions with the goal of identifying limiting factors and best practices.

This research informed the following findings:

  • Typical models of brand governance at financial services firms
  • How to assess brand governance effectiveness through the lenses of ownership, orientation, operations, and outlay
  • The mindset of firms that have successfully embedded effective brand governance practices into their cultures
  • A four-factor model for achieving the ideal state at your firm

Read the white paper now for insight into the opportunities and challenges of better brand governance.

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