Best practices for managing and accounting for brand assets during a rebrand

Best practices for managing and accounting for brand assets during a rebrand


Tuesday, April 1, 2014 | Philip Guiliano

Welcome to the third article in our blog series about considerations and criteria for implementing a successful corporate rebrand project. Last week we talked about the need to present high level cost estimates and timeline scenarios to your organization’s executives while presenting your rebranding implementation strategy. Because accurate cost estimates rely on an exhaustive inventory of all your branded assets, this week we dive into some of the questions and decisions needed to enable the asset inventory and overall project scoping process.

The BrandActive team has implemented brand transitions in many industries, including telecommunications, healthcare and energy. In our experience, a typical brand transition requires accounting for hundreds, often thousands of individual branded assets. To enable our clients (usually Marketing Directors and VPs) to create realistic budgets and timelines, we utilize a rigorous process and time-tested systems to enable accurate branded asset accounting.

Imagine this scenario: You’re the new VP of Marketing and are tasked with overseeing the global rollout of a new brand identity. Your organization has 100,000 employees, with divisions in multiple countries and thousands of branded assets. It’s a decentralized organization with multiple facilities managers and procurement specialists. Where do you start? Here are a few of the many decisions you’ll face as you prepare to inventory and budget for the transition from old to new assets:

  • Are our existing branded assets documented in a centralized database?
  • Who will we need to consult with and interface with across the organization to ensure nothing is overlooked?
  • How will we manage these communications?
  • Who should be invited to join the brand implementation stakeholder group?
  • Are existing signs old enough that they warrant complete replacement, or could they be retrofitted?
  • Can ID cards be refaced, or would it be better to replace them?
  • Should a van be totally wrapped in a color with new graphics or will we be using white vans with a new logo applied?
  • Do we have a comprehensive list of vendors who have produced our branded assets in the past?

If you’re that VP of Marketing, are you feeling overwhelmed? As you can imagine, each answer to the questions above has a different cost, timing, and quality implication, and you and your stakeholder team will need to sort through them all. BrandActive generates scenarios for our clients that look at the various options and variables involved. We share industry-specific lists of potential assets an organization like yours may have, and a set of questions like those above. Our financial analysts use a very thorough, rigorous process that enable us to create accurate high level cost estimates.

Stay tuned for our next blog article, which addresses the importance of creating a sound project plan that addresses the ‘mechanics’ of brand change. Connect with us on LinkedInTwitter, or Google+ to continue following our blog series and industry news.

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