How to Define and Plan the Launch for your New Brand

How to Define and Plan the Launch for your New Brand


Tuesday, April 15, 2014 | Philip Guiliano

In our last blog post we discussed the importance of a solid brand implementation strategy for the successful rollout of updated branded assets across your organization. We listed a few of the questions you’ll ask yourself as you begin to develop your strategy. For example, what dedicated resources are available to support the project’s success? How will responsibilities be assigned, and objectives achieved?

A crucial part of your brand implementation strategy is to define what ‘launch’ means to you. A launch strategy is not merely a timeline and/or a media plan. It is a key component of a thorough and quantified brand implementation strategy. For example, you could plan for an initial ‘soft launch,’ to consist of a press release announcing the company’s new brand, with the simultaneous placement of banners at every location. On the other end of the spectrum, a ‘big bang’ launch (involving months of advance planning) could include new signage, rebranded vehicles, ID cards, a new website, and a major press event.

In order to determine the best launch approach for your rebranding project, it is essential to understand business drivers and objectives, cost/timing/quality trade-offs, and relevant regulatory or deal constraints. This data enables the development of possible scenarios in order to ensure that launch aligns with your organizational realities.

In our next article, we’ll share an important tip that often leads to significant cost-savings as you plan for the strategic replacement of your branded assets. Stay tuned by bookmarking our blog page and by following BrandActive on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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