Today, managing a brand is harder than ever.

With the pace of change, the introduction of new channels, products, and the transfer of power to your consumer, your brand is undergoing constant evolution—and this impacts the way you need to manage your brand.

After investing in a new brand strategy, some believe there’s nothing else to be done but wait until the next seismic shift requires another re-do. When it comes to the brand, they “set it and forget it.” But when you take that approach, you surrender the potential of your brand to meet ever-changing market demand, customer behavior, and organizational strategy.

To ensure maximum impact and consistent brand experience in today’s market environment, you need to create a vision for a resilient brand governance infrastructure.

And, even if your brand governance gap has been a long-standing problem, it’s possible to remedy this shortcoming, and faster than you think.

Brand governance for today’s dynamic brands.

Ensure brand governance excellence today—and tomorrow

Our consultants use proven methods and models to help you move your organization to brand governance excellence.

This is a three-step process. First, we define what is mandatory, which could include regulatory requirements and decision-making and approval processes. Next, we consider what flexibility is needed and what tools, support and guiding principles are needed to ensure consistent and high impact application. That includes ways to measure and track accountability. Last, we work with you to prepare a long-term vision that allows your brand to evolve and flex with your changing requirements and your customer’s changing demands.

With this in place, you’re ready to operationalize the brand governance structure that is best for your company. Our approach includes looking across four primary pillars of a resilient brand governance infrastructure: people, process, training and technology (For more about technology, view our Brand Management Systems page).