Rebranding roadmap | A timeline for brand development and implementation

Is your company in the midst of a rebrand or planning for one? Our rebrand roadmap and timeline is a great way to visualize what steps lay ahead of you as your company moves forward with a potential new brand launch and roll-out.

Learn the key steps involved on your rebrand roadmap, including where they sit on the brand implementation and brand development spectrum and how the key to a successful brand launch requires some of these steps to happen in tandem.

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Rebrand roadmap - from development to implementation

This high-level infographic provides a look at the steps involved in your brand conversion from a brand implementation and development perspective. Learn what happens in what order during a typical rebrand so you can build your rebrand roadmap for success.

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About BrandActive

Whether an organization is striving to optimize the implementation of a brand change, or identify opportunities to save money, time, and resources managing their marketing and brand dollars, BrandActive has what it takes to get the job done. We’re the experts in the financial analysis, strategy, and logistics of rebranding implementation and marketing and brand operations. Whether an organization is going through a one-time corporate rebrand or wanting to get the most out of the everyday management of their existing brand, we help them achieve more, spend less, and build a better brand.

Since 1998, BrandActive has scoped, budgeted, planned, and executed brand change for many of the world’s most valuable brands with a deep specialization in healthcare, financial services, energy, technology, and telecommunications. BrandActive has worked in over 110 countries, providing North American clients with global operational reach.

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