Recalibrating your rebrand initiative in a time of disruption

Recalibrating your rebrand initiative in a time of disruption


James Burn

This article first appeared on Forbes.

Despite the challenges of operating during a global pandemic, there will always be initiatives that organizations must advance β€” a planned rebrand, an acquisition, a split, an operation to strengthen market positioning, etc. The strategic intent of the initiative remains relevant, so companies find themselves needing to carry on while navigating a new and uncertain landscape. As a rebrand implementation consultancy, this is something we’re hearing a lot during ongoing conversations with large organizations trying to figure out what to do with in-process projects. Here are some insights we’ve been sharing with them that can help other agencies and clients navigate this time of uncertainty.

There are three key strategies, depending on where in the rebranding process an organization finds itself.

For a company already firmly in a rebrand, the most straightforward option is to stay the course. Indeed, for many, the current situation has shone a spotlight on the strategic need for such initiatives. This will, of course, be largely industry-dependent; hospitality, energy and healthcare industries, for example, have been harder hit than others, but most continue to forge ahead to their end goals with vigor. With that said, almost every rebrand project will need to make some adjustments to their implementation plan β€” whether it’s to staffing, timelines or budgets β€” in light of current events.

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