Why Today’s Marcom Pros Are Claiming a More Prominent Seat at the Boardroom Table

Why Today’s Marcom Pros Are Claiming a More Prominent Seat at the Boardroom Table


Tuesday, March 18, 2014 | Philip Guiliano

As marketplace competition soars for mindshare, customer loyalty, and brand equity, today’s corporate marketing & communications (‘Marcom’) pros are being granted a more prominent role in C-level boardroom decision making. Tasked with achieving above-market growth, and acknowledging how much the Internet, social media, and other forces are enabling customers an intensely direct interaction with brands, execs need their Marcom staff to be uber-savvy collectors of valuable customer information and analytics. David Edelman, in a recent Entrepreneur magazine article, asserts that “2014 will be the year that marketing leaders must become providers of insight, creators of connections, deliverers of performance improvement.”

A more prestigious seat at the C-Suite table brings with it tremendous pressure to deliver, but we’ll bet Marcom pros are up for the task, given the years many have fought for the right to demonstrate why and how their strategic and tactical expertise contributes directly to bottom-line ROI.

Because customer interactions with a company’s brand range from websites, social media channels, call centers, mobile apps, and more, Marcom pros face the huge task of managing their companies’ brands in ways that enable “consistent customer journeys.” The critical need for top-notch brand identity management is ever-present, since customer touchpoints occur in different, often siloed parts of an organization.

Inconsistent brand identity management—reflected in signage, logos, fleets, user experience, or product performance—can dilute a brand’s equity. With so much at stake, Marcom staff need to be bottom-line focused and ready to present realistic budget scenarios to enable those consistent customer journeys.

This article is the first in a series that discusses considerations and criteria for successful brand identity management or the introduction of a new corporate brand change. If you’ve been offered a seat at the boardroom table, claim it rightly and show ‘em what you’ve got. In next week’s blog article, we’ll share valuable tips for gaining trust and buy-in from the financial executives who count on you to help them make those critical budgetary decisions. We’ll also share tips on getting creative by tapping and pooling internal funding sources while developing a corporate rebranding plan.

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