Find the right brand management
system — tailored to your needs.

At the core of brand governance lies the ability to manage the creation of branded assets efficiently while maintaining quality and adherence to your brand guidelines. These days, it’s almost impossible to achieve this goal without the right brand asset management system or digital asset management platform (DAM).

BrandActive helps you navigate this complex landscape.

BrandActive has experience evaluating business and functional requirements for digital asset management, brand management and marketing automation systems. These are complex undertakings. Success relies on ensuring the right system is scoped and implemented to streamline brand management.

We wrap our arms around the specific problems you are looking to solve today, identify additional opportunities, and map out your ideal future state. Then, we recommend the most efficient solutions for your organization and make configuration recommendations. We also advise on securing stakeholder buy-in and ensuring a smooth roll-out. Because far too often, organizations think they have found the proper fit –only to struggle to roll it out to their organization.

We evaluate and recommend options that reduce your operational and project costs while maximizing brand impact and ROI.

We find the right solution for your organization.

We don’t sell digital asset management systems. Instead, we help you navigate the complex landscape of enterprise-level brand and digital asset management platforms available in today’s marketplace.

BrandActive will:

  • Support information gathering around DAM, brand marketing solutions, marketing asset management and produce detailed requirements documentation
  • Undertake vendor analysis and make recommendations based on business requirements
  • Create RFP documentation and support vendor response evaluation, negotiation and selection

We make sure the implementation matches the way your teams work.

Our consultative process includes:

  • Making configuration recommendations
  • Supporting on-boarding with the selected vendor including user acceptance testing and user training, and roll-out through launch communications and change management best practices
  • Providing ongoing support such as a help desk, consulting and general vendor management

If you are looking to purchase a digital asset management system or need to maximize the value of the system you are using now, have a conversation with us first.

Benefits of digital asset management systems.

  • Reduce the time (and cost) spent simply trying to find the right branded assets to work with (up to 40% of a designer’s time)
  • Reduce hard costs (servers, storage media, mailing, etc.)
  • Reduce agency fees (ownership of asset library, collateral customization)
  • Increase production efficiency (reduced emails, delays, follow-ups, finalization)
  • Automate creation and customization of marketing materials to free up designer time
  • Improved brand compliance, accuracy and time to market