Sysco Implementing Efficient and Cost-Effective Brand Operations


The Situation

Multinational corporation Sysco, a Fortune 200 company, was faced with a fragmented and inconsistent brand across the US and Canada. This was the result of legacy logos which were still in use seven years after the launch of their new brand, as well as a series of successful acquisitions where branded assets had not been fully transitioned. Sysco wanted to improve the quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness of how they managed their brand.

The Challenge

Sysco engaged BrandActive to conduct an audit of the full inventory of Sysco branded assets, including signage, fleet, environmental elements, uniforms, PPE, badges, and marketing collateral. We also looked at brand guidelines, vendors, processes, and technology platforms. These inputs informed our strategic and tactical recommendations to improve the quality, consistency, and operating processes of Sysco’s brand operations and governance.

The Solution

Recommendations addressed processes, support structure, and technology, and were prioritized by the level of need, risk, and expected ROI. One of the key findings was that there was an approximate 50:50 split in their fleet of 15,000 vehicles as only half of the vehicles sported the approved logo. Sysco understood the brand-building value that their prominent fleet represented—an enviable inventory of rolling billboards that if used effectively, could have a positive impact on brand awareness.

We assessed their current fleet program based on:

  • Fleet branding strategy and goals
  • Age of vehicle
  • Age to retirement
  • Mileage and condition
  • Geography
  • Market strategic importance
  • Routing
  • Estimated number of impressions

This assessment allowed our team to provide Sysco with a much-needed branded fleet management and optimization plan, enabling them to drive consistency in fleet branding and save on operational costs. Key actions included recommendations around vendor rationalization and training processes, as well as guidance on how to best implement a plan to standardize fleet branding across North America.


The Results

Based on our detailed analysis, categorization and recommendations, Sysco obtained a roadmap to achieve more consistent and efficient brand and marketing operations. With respect to managing fleet branding, Sysco was able to realize consistency, cost-effective process improvements—and higher brand impact—across this valuable asset category.