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Rebrand Budget

Rebranding can help a business expand markets and profits. But without careful planning and stewardship, the rebrand implementation portion of the branding process could easily morph into one of those unfortunately notorious projects. You know, the kind that makes a marketer wince for years to come. Costs spiral over budget and the internal reputation of the marketing department drops a notch. 

When architects create a conceptual design for a structure, they talk with clients, take a few measurements, and come up with a floor plan that documents a grand strategy. But the initial plan, even once approved, remains pie in the sky until a host of added data and additional measurements are obtained. Builders of the new structure will need specifics on everything from building materials to electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and so on. Only when they get the so-called “working drawings” can they get started with moving dirt, pouring concrete, and erecting walls.

My phone rings, and on the line is a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) tasked with leading a corporate rebranding initiative. The CMO is asking the Million-Dollar Question: “How much is our rebranding project going to cost?” The question typically arises during the CMO’s due diligence process before cost estimates are due to an executive team. Having guided Fortune 500 clients through complex rebranding projects for almost a decade, I realize the importance of arming my clients with realistic numbers they can feel confident presenting to the C-Suite.

In brick and mortar businesses with recognized brands, signage is arguably an organization’s most powerful branded asset. The benefits of investing in comprehensive signage standards and guidelines---and adhering to them religiously to increase your brand equity---render this aspect of corporate branding a no-brainer. This article describes how BrandActive drives the development of signage families, guidelines, and standards that enable organizations to manage their brands with consistency while instilling trust and loyalty in their customer base.

Our clients rely on us to guide them through a complex process that touches each and every aspect of their organization. The company-wide implementation of a new brand identity can have significant organizational, financial, and political ramifications. If you’re in charge of your company’s rebranding process, cost control will be a primary concern. Here are three ways that BrandActive’s financial analysts focus on creative ways to optimize our clients’ budgets for new branded assets.